Economic Crisis May Have Reached Turning Point

As the economy worsens, the Obama administration has changed the name of Vice President Joe Biden’s Middle-Class Task Force to the Middle-Class Expeditionary Force.

“We suspect there are still some middle-class folks left in this country, and I’m charging Joe Biden with finding out where they are,” said President Obama, “If we can locate the last remaining middle-class folks, we’ll try to save a few of them so our grandchildren will at least know what they looked like.”

Government economists worried however that the Expeditionary Force might be too late, and that middle-class people have transmogrified into lower-class people.

“If so,” said new White House Assistant Treasury Secretary Wally Street, “It’s probably too late to do anything for them. If you’ll recall from the last presidential campaign, no candidate ever said anything about the lower-class at all. It’s not like we can suddenly manufacture programs out of nothing. We can only do that with housing values and securities.”

In other economic news, government economists predicted that the Down Jones has finally stopped its decline.

“We believe the Dow has touched bottom and is now in the crapper but eventually we’ll be flush again,” said Street.


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