Difficulties Revealed with Barbara Bush Heart Transplant

As former First Society Maven Barbara Bush continued to recover from her heart surgery, doctors revealed for the first time that they encountered a surprise during surgery.

“We cracked open her chest and were amazed to find out that she already had a heart,” said Dr. Frank N. Stein, head neurosurgeon of Houston Methodist Hospital, “We immediately checked her wrist band to make sure this was the same lady who had raised George and Neil, and who had said that the Katrina evacuees were enjoying living in emergency shelters in Houston.”

Despite that surprise, surgeons reported Ms. Bush was doing well.

“Because we used the aorta from a pig, Ms. Bush is experiencing no difficulties with rejection,” said Stein, “The only problems we’re encountering since the transplant is that Ms. Bush has been insisting she wants to spend the rest of her life snuffling around the back yard of the family compound in Kennebunkport and spending three days a week on Wall Street.”


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