Between The Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect

Between The Buried And Me - The Great Misdirect

Written By: Dave Brooks

Label: Victory Records – Rating:

You’re about to read a review for The Great Misdirect. Don’t be fooled! It will lead to you downloading acquiring this album. A pity, as you’ll miss out on the 5.1 Surround Sound edition that comes with the official version. Every tiny detail of BTBAM’s latest release is available here and I only have 2 speakers and a sub. Imagine true 5.1! I am officially putting this in my top 10 metal albums of the naughts. What’s all the fuss about you say?

A beautiful, haunting intro opens you up to your “Mirrors” reflection. Dan Briggs work on the fretless bass is absolutely brilliant. “Obfuscation” can’t be what’s happening now, as the transition to the more violent side of BTBAM isn’t clouded, but lurking. “ALL-DOMINANT … This is what we call a brain” is barked with disappointment towards the masses. A bass riff breakdown snaps a foot off in your ass and it’s on for the rest of the track. You’re out of your comfort zone and it’s great.
Who knows what’s going to happen next?

“Disease, Injury, Madness” overcomes you. “Control…and collapse…collide” ignites the way for another heavy to land. Let’s just say it left footprints when it did. Slumber and inventive dual vocals overtakes the beast only to abruptly wake him. Second only to Meshuggah in off time skills, they bring out a beaut here. What in the hell? Did I just hear a horse neigh? Is that cowbell? I need more cowbell. This throwback, solo jam leads back superbly to the start of our 11:03 track. But it won’t just end on with a repeat. Extra flair accompanies and extends our opening stanza.

I’ve been beamed “Fossil Genera – A Feed from Cloud Mountain” and wonder if I’m in a old timey saloon, mixed with a bodega, decorated by a shaman. The bass slides on the 5.1 audio are SICK. Go buy it. “Stand back, relax, enjoy the ride” orders Tommy Rogers. I start to think “Sure, no prob…” ::CRUNCH::. I want to feed from Cloud Mountain if this is what’s being served. Did I mention this track is 12:11 long and NONE of it is boring? Amazing. A pentadecainstrumental freak out happens to stir up some more heaviness. It doesn’t end! It will not let up! “Trust us and we will all be safe. We are the new government.” I would be a proud BTBAM citizen. An acoustic led, orchestral salute will send you along to find the “Desert of Song”.

Get down, country blues is a’comin your way partner. Guitarist Paul Waggoner opens on guest vocals with a baritone that accompanies the lead well. Good ‘ol strumming carries this relaxed tune. It feels as if it’s a lost song. In the time it takes for this next track (17:54) to end, I could “Swim to the Moon” and back. My takeoff is joined by a trippy intro filled with exotic percussion. The starts and stops, style changes, keyboards, guitars…..EVERYTHING here is on 11. If you rest for a moment, you will drown. A whistle signals a fastest drum solo contest at roughly the 5 minute mark. A maraca and hand drums break here. Speed riffing next. It hasn’t been brutal in a while, let’s throw that in there. The only thing we are missing is some sing along action. “Slide in to the water. Become one with the sea. Life seems so much smaller. Swim to the moon.” is chanted. There you go.

We’re almost there. I know, the moon is far away, but it will be worth it. You hear that killer, dual guitar soloing section? Told ya. You mind if the keyboard (organist) gets a few solo’s? This won’t end until you just submit to it. More great transitions, bridge work and disgusting heavies knock you down. Just give in already!

Between the Buried and Me have outdone themselves in every way. I feel like they made their last 2 records have sex and this is the offspring. All the insanity from Alaska mixed with the complexity and depth of Colors. When you’re turned inside out, flipped around and feel backwards. You’ll know what’s causing it. The Great Misdirect.

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