Lindsey Hecht

Position: Reviews Writer (Alt/Indie)

Location: Seattle, WA

Bio: Lindsey has always been involved in the local/global music scene and since age 16, she has organized events and booked venues. Thinking that a record label was the logical next step, she interned at EMI Music and soon found out that her love for music could not possibly be satisfied in Miami. She is an avid traveler, having been as far as Thailand, and as close as Mexico, but recently moved to the heart of grunge – Seattle! She loves going to live shows, watching movies, drinking beers and hopes to get her name out there in effort to spread the joy of music! Underground and Mainstream bands alike!

Likes: The Avett Brothers. Death Cab for Cutie. The Thrills. Portishead. The Cure.Incubus. NIN. Smashing Pumpkins. Wilco. Smoking Popes. Monsters of Folk. Alkaline Trio. Bright Eyes, Bjork. Emiliana Torrini. The Shins. Dandy Warhols. Postal Service. HotHotHeat. Modest Mouse. Pink Floyd. The Strokes.




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