Steve Sawyer

Position: Contributing Writer

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Bio: Steve is one half of the creative force for 16 Bits of Fashion Fury, and Sin Dee Custom Sewing and Design. He’s unusually obsessed with all things gaming, music, media, and fashion. When he’s not wasting inordinate amounts of time on Steam playing Left 4 Dead he can usually be found hanging around in K-Town listening to his friends Sahtyre, and Lyraflip rhyme, or yelling at pigeons in Downtown Los Angeles while sourcing materials for his various, and nefarious creative projects. When asked what he ultimately wanted to accomplish with his life and career Steve responded by saying “You’re not a plate of croissants!”

Likes: strangers, videogames, food, adventure, clothes, electronics, and pretty much every conceivable genre of music outside of country music, and even then, there are exceptions.




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